About our company

A&C Estate Management provides home watch services, personal home care, cleaning services, concierge services and real estate services in Palm Beach County. We offer our customers to take care of their property while they are away and prepping it for their return. We will give you peace of mind during your absence by treating your home as though it’s our own.
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A few words from Anne Schuhler:
"Working in France in the airline industry, my job took me around the globe, oftentimes leaving my home alone. Being away for days at a time, my property was left unsupervised. With my family taking over the care of my home, I understand the particular envies of owners who are away.

Home Watch and property management are the solution to restore confidence in the safety and maintenance of your assets. However, finding trustworthy people to care for your home is not easy.

Upon moving to West Palm Beach after decades of vacationing here, I came to the realization that others are in need of the same services I once was. And the transition from France to Florida only made home management a more prominent feature of my life.
As a result, A&C Estate Management came to be. With the understanding that every property is different, we offer custom property management and concierge services unique to you and your home with the goal to care for your home the way I cherish my own.

I will happily personalize a care and management plan for your home."

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